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Offer Details

Offer Details

Protect your family with an online will. In just 15 minutes for as little as £63 with an exclusive 30% discount.

Beyond are the online will experts, trusted by 1000's of happy customers.
Their online journey makes writing a will quick and easy. You can do it from the comfort of your own home in just 15 minutes. Each legally-binding will is checked by experts and can be updated quickly and easily at any time.

Do I need a will?

A will is vital for parents, homeowners, people in long-term relationships or pet owners.
Without a will, you have no control over what will happen to your money, your home and your belongings when you die.
A will can protect those closest to you.

What can you do with an online will?

● Decide how your estate will be distributed
● Name guardians for your children
● Protect your partner
● Avoid a hefty inheritance tax bill
● Prevent family battles over your legacy
● Leave thoughtful gifts for friends or to charity

Why choose Beyond?

● Trusted by 1,000s of happy customers
● Takes as little as 15 minutes
● Unlimited updates to your will, any time
● Every will checked by experts
● Free national will registration worth £30
● Free physical storage

How to Claim

How to Claim

Step 1 - Go to the Beyond website
Step 2 - Make your will online by answering a few simple questions
Step 3 - Apply your discount code at the checkout page
Step 4 - Print your will and follow the instructions to make it legally-binding



Can I make a will online without a solicitor?

Yes. As long as your wishes are simple, there’s no need to hire a solicitor to draw up your will. It’s perfectly legal to create your own will without the help of a legal professional. And we believe our service is the best way to create an online will in the UK.

Is it legal and safe to make an online will in the UK?

Our online will maker will create a valid and binding will, so long as you meet the usual requirements for any UK will (online or otherwise):

● You’re aged 18+. Only adults can make a valid will.
● You make the online will voluntarily. A will you’re forced to make doesn’t count.
● You are ‘of sound mind’ when you make it. You need to be mentally capable of understanding and agreeing to the wishes stated in the will.
● The will is written. Or printed off, in this case. Oral wills (where you just speak to someone about what you want to happen) aren’t considered valid in the UK.
● The will is signed in front of two witnesses. These witnesses need to be 18 or over, and can’t be people who will benefit from the will in any way.
● The will is signed by those two witnesses. To prove they were there, essentially.

What kind of will does your online will service make?

Our online will service generates a simple (also known as ‘basic’) will. This states what you would like to happen to your estate when you die, names an executor(s), and nominates guardians for your pets and children in the event of your death.

A complex will is recommended for very large and/or complicated estates, where you might want to set up trusts, layout wishes that are complicated or contentious or take certain steps to reduce inheritance tax. If you think you need a complex will, you can call us on 0800 054 9793 to get a quote.

What can I leave others in my online will?

Our online will writing service lets you pass on your:

● Money
● Property or land
● Specific belongings
● Stocks and shares
It’s worth remembering that certain fees, debts and taxes may need to be paid before beneficiaries can inherit, so any exact monetary gifts may differ in the end.

What is a couple’s will?

Our couple’s will is actually two separate wills, one for the original will writer and one for their partner. It’s not a joint or mirror will: both of you will be able to make a personalised will that reflects your separate wishes, only matching each other where you agree.

Can you see what I’ve written in my will?

Nope. We can see that you have written a will, but we can’t read the contents. As you complete your will, the data is encrypted and sent to us using HTTPS. To keep your data secure, it’s then stored in an encrypted format on multiple disks in a variety of locations - these are backed up daily.

What’s included in my online will purchase?

● A legally binding will. Our will language is approved by STEP-qualified solicitors. Our smart interactive tool takes your answers and uses them to craft a personalised will that, once signed and witnessed, will be legally binding.
● Every will checked. Our in-house legal experts double check every will. If we spot anything amiss in your will, we’ll let you know within 7 days.
● Registered with the National Will Register. We register your will with the National Will Register. This service, which usually costs £30, offers a way for your family to find your will easily after your death, even if you don’t tell them where it is now.
● Live support. Stuck mid-way through your will? We’re here to answer all your questions. Just call or message our team for a helping hand.

What does Beyond’s online will subscription service include?

● Update your will whenever you like. Just moved house, or welcomed a new addition to the family? With our optional £10 a year will storage subscription, you can save the details of your will online and log in and update it any time. You can cancel any time - just contact us to let us know by phone, email or live chat.
● Safe storage, forever. We’ll keep a physical copy of your will safe so that you don’t have to worry about losing or damaging it as the years go by. We’ll also sign it up with the National Will Register, so your family can find your will easily when the time comes.
● Updates to the law. We keep a sharp eye on any legislation that might affect wills. If you’re a subscriber, we’ll get in touch to let you know if any new law will have an impact on your will, and what to do about it.
● No pressure. If you don’t need our will storage service, that’s no problem! You can simply make your will, download it, print it off, and leave it at that. No need to pay a thing.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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