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Offer Details

Offer Details

Do you wish you could separate your business and personal calls to get a better work/life balance? We´ve teamed up with Cleartone to offer a FREE Business Phone Number. 

- These Business numbers work like any phone number, ringing on your regular landline or office phone (or mobile as an extra service).

- Numbers come with many free add-ons, including call-recording and an online management dashboard.

- Keep your private numbers for trusted customers, family and friends.

- Use the Cleartone number on your website, adverts and business cards.

- When moving home or office, take it with - it’s a number for life!

- The service rings on one OR multiple phones. 

How to Claim

How to Claim

Simply click on the URL provided and follow the instructions.



What are virtual numbers? Virtual numbers, (also known as DDI or access numbers), are telephone numbers without a physical telephone line or hardware. These numbers can be forwarded to any landline or mobile anywhere in the world

How long will my number take to go live? We aim to activate virtual numbers within 12 hours.

Can I keep landline or mobile number that the number is pointed to? Yes! The number we provide you will just sit on top of your existing service. People will still be able to call both your regular landline or mobile number.

Can I route my incoming calls to a mobile? Yes! You can route your Cleartone virtual number to any existing landline or mobile worldwide via the online web portal. This can be found at

Can I change where my number is directing to myself? Yes! You can reroute your virtual business number 24/7 to any phone worldwide, instantly via the online customer interface.

What are non-geographic numbers? Non-geographic numbers (NGN) are numbers that give no indication of your geographic location. Our NGN virtual number ranges consist of the following prefixes – 0800 numbers, 0333 numbers, 0845 numbers, 0844 numbers, 0870 numbers, 0871 numbers, and 070 numbers.

Can a non-geographical number be called from abroad? Most countries will route the call to your number, but it is not guaranteed. Therefore, if this is an issue choose 0333 numbers.

Why are memorable numbers more expensive? Memorable numbers are running out fast. It is similar to the DVLA and car registrations.

When I call out, will people see my Cleartone number as my phone number? Yes! Both for calling out and WhatsApp Business, you use only your Cleartone number if you wish

How do I know if I have a missed call or voicemail? During setup, you will be asked to register an email address to receive missed calls, voicemails and call recordings to. You can change or add email addresses via your online control panel

How do I know which number is best for my business? Here at Cleartone all our team are experts at what they do, they will be able to advise you what the best number for your business will be depending on your location, customer base and the nature of your business.

Can I have more than one number on my account? Yes, each Cleartone account can be assigned multiple numbers.

What is the difference between a virtual 0207 number & a 0203 number? The short answer is that there is no difference. 0207 number, a 0203 number or a 0208 number all work and cost the same, local call rates, often included in monthly plans

What is a business call whisper? An alert that lets you know each time you have a business call coming through in order that can differentiate between your business and personal calls.

Can I use my current phone number as my Cleartone number? Yes! In most cases, we are able to move existing numbers to Cleartone. To see if you can move your number (known as porting) to Cleartone, please give us a call on 02071014045

How do I log-in to my online control panel? To log-in to your online control panel please visit
and enter your Cleartone number and pin.

How can I check my voicemail? The great thing about Cleartone is there is never only one way of doing things! Most simply access voicemails by the email they receive, however, you can also login or call in to listen

What different types of phone numbers can I have? We can supply numbers in the UK or Worldwide in over 800 cities in over 150 countries.

In the UK you can have local and national numbers

0207, 0161, 0141, 0131 etc numbers

0333 Numbers

0800 Numbers

0845 Numbers

International Toll-Free Numbers

Fax to Email

Can I divert my virtual number to more than one number? Yes, we can set your virtual number to divert to multiple numbers.

Can I divert my virtual number based upon time period? Yes, you can divert your virtual number to different numbers based upon the time and date.

Is there a minimum term? Yes, the contract term is 1 month and one month notice period. No longer-term tie-ins here!

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

- Maximum two free numbers per member

- The free offer is a national 08 number ringing on a UK landline (a mobile option also available)

- All features mentioned are included as standard except making outbound calls

- Full terms can be found at