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With the aim of making the accessory industry more sustainable, the Copenhagen-based brand Nordgreen offers a wide range of watches, jewellery and sunglasses based on conscious design and material choices. 

Nordgreen’s accessories are meant to be a daily reminder that all of us can help make a positive change and create a greener future. In addition, every purchase made contributes to a cause that’s part of Nordgreen’s Giving Back Program with which NGOs focusing on education, health and environment are supported. With each and every accessory piece, the B-Corp certified brand thus challenges themselves and their community to tackle the social and environmental challenges facing our planet.

Shop Nordgreen’s Scandinavian design accessories and save 18% sitewide while doing good.

  1. Click “Claim Perk” and go to Nordgreen’s official website.
  2. Browse the watches, jewellery and sunglasses.
  3. Find your new favourite accessory and add it to the cart.
  4. Go to checkout.
  5. Add the exclusive code before paying.
  6. Done! Your sustainable accessory will soon be on its way!

    Which products can I use the discount on?
    All products except the Guardian watch and the ‘Second Chance’ watches are included in this offer. You can save 18% off cart by using it at the checkout after selecting the accessories of your choice.

    Can I return products bought with the discount?
    Yes, you can easily return products within 14 days after the delivery date. You can request the return via the official Nordgreen returns center.

    Are the products covered by warranty when buying with the discount?

    Yes, when buying on the official Nordgreen website all products are covered by a 2-year warranty. Just contact [email protected] in case of any issues or defects.

    More FAQs here

    • Offer valid on all products except Guardian watch and ‘Second Chance’ watches
    • No minimum order value needed
    Format: Promo Code

    By claiming this offer you agree to our Terms & Conditions