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At Shark, we are dedicated to developing premium household products, from corded, cordless and handheld vacuum cleaners to steam mops, air purifiers, hair dryers and more.

Our products are developed for the home, not the lab. We're proud to have awards and reviews for selected Shark products as we carry out extensive consumer testing in real homes to ensure our innovative technologies solve your real-life challenges, deliver exceptional performance that you can rely on, and make a difference to your everyday life.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. Discover uprights that transform into portable vacuums, flexible stick vacuums that bend so you don’t have to, lightweight cylinder vacuums, Anti Hair Wrap brush-rolls, easy-to-use steam mops, and so much more. Whether you share your home with pets or suffer from allergies, there’s something for everyone and every home.

From cleaner air to healthy hair, Shark is constantly creating innovative new ways to give you confidence in every area of your home. Easily create salon styles at home with intelligent hair dryers and stylers – no heat damage, no guesswork. Have confidence in the air you breathe with automatic air purifiers.

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