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Virgin Wines are offering members a better than HALF PRICE saving on 12 world-class craft wines this season, complete with 2 FREE stemless wine glasses!

What you get:

  • 12 craft wines (was £135.38) just £65.88

  • Worth up to £12.49 each, now £5.49 a bottle

  • Plus 2 FREE stemless wine glasses (worth £14.99)

  • And FREE express delivery to your door
  • A choice of a mixed, all red, or all white selection

With such a great saving on fruit-filled reds and refreshing whites, this offer also acts as the perfect introduction to Virgin Wines’ WineBank service which allows you, as a member, to earn 20% interest on the money you save, giving you big discounts on the best value wines in the world... and all with free express delivery as standard.

  1. Click 'Claim This Offer'
  2. Click through to site and add your products to your basket
  3. Your discount will be automatically applied
  4. ENJOY!

Q. Can I select only red-wines or only white-wines?
We’ve put this collection together with 3 options – 6 red & 6 white wines, 12 all-red wines, or 12 all-white wines, so every wine lover is happy. Every version of the case will include your free pair of glasses!

When can I expect delivery?
For mainland UK, please allow between 1-3 working days for delivery, however 85% of orders are arriving next working day.

What if I don’t like a wine?
Virgin Wines offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like a wine in your case, simply let them know and they’ll refund your account for the disliked bottle.

Also available as an all-red or all-white wine selection. New customers only. UK Delivery only. You must be 18 years of age or over to buy alcohol. Strictly one case per customer. Not to be combined with any other promotion. By redeeming this offer you agree to try the Virgin Wines WineBank. WineBank uses easy monthly top-ups to save for your wine and rewards you with £1 for every £5 you deposit, plus free delivery on all future purchases. There’s no obligation to buy any more wine. Your default monthly payment is £25 which you can change on Virgin Wines' website. You can cancel your WineBank membership at any time and withdraw any funds you’ve added. Offer is unavailable to existing WineBank members. Images for illustration purposes only. For full terms and conditions, visit https://www.virginwines.co.uk/terms.

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