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SimplyCook is your new helping hand in the kitchen that makes cooking simply delicious, affordable and flexible.

Cook 140+ chef-created recipes in half an hour or less with their unique recipe kits. Each kit comes with 3 pots of pleasure, packed with up to 23 ingredients, adding extraordinary flavour to your meals.

Just buy 4-6 fresh ingredients from wherever you like to shop, only when you're ready to cook (no more food waste).

It’s the most affordable recipe subscription, which means you can cook a new dish every week for just £2.50 per week, after your free first box (get a box of 4 recipe kits as often as you like, for just £9.99)

Discover the simple pleasure of SimplyCook and join 100,000+ happy home cooks, who’ve enjoyed 50 million meals (and counting).

Try your first box for free (just pay £1 postage) and rediscover midweek cooking with a new ingredient: pleasure.

  1. Claim your offer and follow the URL to the landing page
  2. Sign up for your first free box and pay just £1 postage fees!

Find FAQs here

  • By signing up to this first free box with £1 postage, you will be automatically signed up to a £9.99 subscription to SimplyCook
  • You can change or cancel your subscription in the “Manage Subscription” section of the SimplyCook website.
  • You can cancel your subscription seven days after ordering your first box.
  • This offer is valid for new customers only. One free box per household. Cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • UK delivery only, including Northern Ireland, excludes delivery to the Channel Islands.

Find full terms and conditions here

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